Card shop owners get £20000 in fines for not closing during lockdown

The rebellious owners of a gift card shop have been handed £20,000 in fines. For not closing during lockdown.

Card shop owners get £20000 in fines for not closing during lockdown: Alasdair and Lydia Walker-Cox refused to close, even though they were breaking the law. The rule stated non-essential shops had to close during lockdown. Their business, Grace Cards and Books in Droitwich, Worcestershire, sold essential items the couple insisted.

They listed these as newspapers, snacks and baking products. So they kept on welcoming customers. Mrs Walker-Cox was also under the threat of arrests after refusing to wear a face mask while stacking shelves. The defiant couple, who have been there for 30 years, insisted they would rather face prison than close.

Mrs Walker-Cox, 50, said. “We are doing our job by being and we have a family to feed and bills to pay. I can’t see the proof of being a health hazard and that is the grounds for which we are being told to close.”

Bradley Thomas, a local council leader, said “Despite the impact coronavirus regulations are having on businesses, the vast majority of our traders are following the rules because they want to play their part in bringing infections down to help protect our NHS and save lives.

It’s disappointing this one particular business feels the need to flout the rules and we will work with our partners to take further action, if needed, to protect the public.” He finished off by saying that financial support is available to Mr and Mrs Walker-Cox. Their stance is they are prepared to go to court if necessary. Wychavon District Council have discussed taking action against them. It includes court action or a forced closure.

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