Police injured and arrests made at anti-lockdown protest in London

Two violent thugs who followed a wheelchair-bound pensioner home to rob him have been jailed for life.

Thugs beat disabled pensioner to death for £120: CCTV footage shows them tailing him with the idea of stealing his bank cards. The two 20-year-old’s, Ian Knowles and Ismaila Mohamed, attacked Robert Morrison in his home. They had trailed him from the Pear Tree Pub in Kings Heath, Birmingham, on 10 December 2018. The frail pensioner, who only weighed five stone, died six days later from pneumonia.

The video footage shows the two attackers hiding at a bus-stop as they wait for him to leave the pub. They waited until he had been home 15 minutes before breaking into his flat. The attack was violent and vicious. Another camera follows them to a cash machine after the attack. They try and use Mr Morrison’s card to withdraw cash however it was refused.

In anger they return to the victim’s home and attack him for a second time. They steal jewellery and his mobile phone. In total their haul was worth £120. A neighbour didn’t find the victim until the next day. He was rushed to hospital where he was treated for broken ribs and bruising to his body. He was discharged the same day however the neighbour was still concerned and called the police. Police broke into his flat and found him in agony. He was taken back to hospital but died a few days later.

The pneumonia was brought on by his fractured ribs. A search of the hostel where Knowles lived found the victim’s phone. After tracking Knowles phone the pair were both arrested. Following a four-week trial at Birmingham Crown Court the pair were jailed on Wednesday for life.

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