Foreign holidays to the likes of Spain could be off ALL YEAR until everyone is vaccinated

SPAIN and the US could be the next countries added to the UK ‘red list’ requiring hotel quarantine

As Covid numbers are improving around the globe, and both Spanish and UK government officials are starting to give hope that summer holidays may not be cancelled, after all, the Cabinet Covid Operations Committee is said to be considering adding arrivals from the United States and Spain to the ‘red list’ as experts

.The Daily Telegraph reports that a Department of Health and Social Care spokesman said: “If more countries are added to the ‘red list’, and passenger numbers from ‘red list’ countries start to increase, then we are prepared to put in place managed quarantine facilities at the required airports.

“We are monitoring the situation closely, and have extensive contingency plans dependent on the changing situation.”

Ministers are set to meet next week and examine the data of infections from both the US and Spain before making a decision on whether they need to be added to the quarantine list.

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