Zoo reports two white tiger cubs "likely died of COVID"

Officials have said two white tiger cubs who died in a Pakistani zoo probably had COVID.

Zoo reports two white tiger cubs “likely died of COVID”: The 11-week-old cubs, who lived at Lahore Zoo, were being treated for feline panleukopenia virus. It affects cat’s respiratory system and is common. The cubs died four days after starting treatment. After a post mortem showed severe lung damage pathologists came to the conclusion they had died from COVID. Kiran Saleem, deputy director of the zoo, said “After their death, the zoo administration conducted tests of all officials, and six tested positive, including one official who handled the cubs”.
Later, Ms Saleem went on to say “It strengthens the findings of the autopsy. The cubs probably caught the virus from the person handling and feeding them.” The zoo has been highlighted for criticism from animal rights activists in the past, who say their animals suffer poor living conditions. Zufishan Anushay, founder of JFK (Justice for Kiki) Animal Rescue And Shelter, said. “White tigers are extremely rare and need a specific habitat and environment to live a healthy life.
Also, by caging them in unhygienic conditions with no medical arrangements, we will keep witnessing these incidents. Covid-19 is a new virus, and the world is making policies for humans. It should not forget animals in pet shops, zoos and everywhere else.” Additionally, Ms Saleem denied allegations of poor living conditions at the zoo and invited activists to come and see for themselves. And she finished off by saying the zoo’s safety and hygiene protocols were extremely high.

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