Boris Johnson being investigated after "luxury Caribbean holiday"

As lockdown restrictions start to ease from next month friends could possibly meet for a coffee in the park.

Brits could meet friends for a coffee outside from next month: It is reported these sort of activities will be the first to be allowed. The Prime Minister is said to be “optimistic” regarding a “cautious” easing of the current lockdown restrictions in March. A senior Government source told The Telegraph newspaper that from 8th March people from the same household could meet for a coffee outside. Or people from different households but only on a one-to-one basis.

It is also reported that outdoor sports are likely to be allowed in March such as golf. However households will still not be permitted to mix inside or outside. Boris Johnson is also pushing for schools to re-open on the 8th March. He is currently in talk with advisers and senior cabinet officials regarding the “road map”. It is expected that his announcement regarding that will come on the 22nd February. The Telegraph also reported that ministers are privately saying they expect pubs to be open again in April.

Asked yesterday on the fact of pub gardens re-opening in April the Prime Minister said ‘If you don’t mind I’m going to ask you just wait a little bit longer, give us some more time to look at the data about what’s happening, look at the way the numbers are coming down, study also I think, very importantly, the efficacy of the vaccines – are they working in the way that we hope that they are? Making sure that they’re really helping along with the lockdown to drive down the incidents.

That’s the key thing. I’m optimistic, I won’t hide it from you. I’m optimistic, but we have to be cautious.” However, a group of Tory MP’s are urging him to lift all restrictions by the end of April. In a letter to the PM they state that all schools must re-open to all pupils by 8th March as a “national priority”. They also say they want hospitality outlets to all be open by Easter, which is 4th april. The letter stated “We all have concerns about outside sport and swimming pools, gyms, personal care businesses, care home visits, hotels, events industry businesses, and allowing couples to get married.

All restrictions remaining after March 8 should be proportionate to the ever-increasing number of people we have protected. The burden is on ministers to demonstrate the evidence of effectiveness and proportionality with a cost-benefit analysis for each restriction, and a roadmap for when they will be removed.”

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