Road comes to stand still as food bank queue in London becomes so long

Video footage shows a foodbank queue so long a ‘road is brought to a standstill’ as poverty amid the pandemic is laid bare.

The recent video from charity London Community Kitchen (LCK) shows Brent residents queuing up around the corner and down the road to access a food bank on Ealing Road.

Volunteers at the food bank described the line as the “biggest” they’ve seen with the sight making a “spectacle” highlighting levels of food poverty in the area.

This comes after the Mirror highlighted soup kitchens in city centres are facing an unprecedented demand for food hand-outsdespite sub-zero temperatures and emergency lockdown measures to stem the homelessness crisis.

Volunteers are warning that the true scale of the homelessness problem is a ticking time bomb set to explode when lockdown ends.

While local authorities across the country have been praised for bringing vulnerable people into a shelter during the pandemic, charities fear a surge of rough sleepers bedding down in parks and shop alcoves in a few months’ time.

LCK has been meeting food needs across Brent and Harrow through individual projects based in churches, community centres and temples.

“The food is not totalling the need of the people in Brent,” LCK’s community engagement lead, Suzy Jakeman told My London.

She added: “That level of the queue where you’ve got the whole of Ealing Road come to a standstill every Saturday, it’s become a spectacle.

“People are stopping their cars in the middle of the road and saying what is going on here.

“What’s happening is a community is getting together to support a community.”

LCK are open each Saturday from 11:00 am providing food for anyone who in need, however, Ms Jakeman said people are queuing from as early as 8:00 am with their children in “rain” and “sub-zero” temperatures.

Ms Jakeman said LCK supports 600 people at their Saturday project in Brent, which totals to roughly 2,000 people.

Ms Jakeman said this is a London wide issue that’s been exposed by the pandemic and has been going on since before coronavirus.

LCK has been supporting people living in food security for seven years.


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