Travel Companies See Market CRASH

British travel companies watch as the market crashes

Travel companies in the UK sat at their computer screens yesterday, watching the market crash as Minister for Transport, Grant Shapps announcement ripped through the travel industry that holidays in 2021 were basically over.

Travel agents across the nation watched in despair as holiday bookings become non-existent and the only communication with customers was arranging refunds.

Thousands upon thousands of customers called their travel agents yesterday to seek refunds on holiday deposits paid as the government minister advised that holidays in 2021 wold be a no go until everybody in the UK had been vaccinated.

It was a devastating day for the industry said, Rian Rodber, a British based travel agent in the Southwest.

” To put in blunt, we just sat there looking at the screens as bookings became non-exsitant, and then the emails and phone calls started pouring in, requesting a refund after refund.

“It was the worst day ever I can ever recall in the industry,” she said.

Of course, it was not just travel agents who were hit, airlines and hotels across Europe suffered to the same degree, as bookings went through the floor whilst refunding requests went through the roof as the reality hit home holidays won’t be on the agenda in 2021.

Shattered Jet2 call centre operator Nikki told Global247news “It was the day from hell” as she said ” It just didn’t stop – the announcement tore the industry apart, the sad thing was many of the cancellations were regular customers who had already cancelled previously from 2020 and switched to 2021 to getaway”

Meanwhile, holiday logistics manager Neil Warring, who specialises in arranging hotel contracts for travel companies across Europe told off the sad aftermath as he started to cancel contracts with hoteliers.

“It’s been a very tough day, informing hoteliers that we have no option to cancel summer contracts with them, many of these hotels are family owned and it was devastating news for them, especially as many have been closed in 2020.

“Now they face another summer of uncertainty – some owners were in tears today, clearly distraught, we had no option to cancel contracts as the travel companies will not be able to feed customers, It’s a very sad industry right now” he finished.




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