Investigation launched as Government credit card used to buy £6000 worth of chocolates

A Government agency has started an investigation into why £6000 worth of sweets were purchased.

Investigation launched as Government credit card used to buy £6000 worth of chocolates: Luxury chocolates were bought on a Government credit card just before Christmas. A total of £6,246 was spent on the chocolates from Hotel Chocolat. It is a high end confectionery firm. The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) have begun a probe into the case.

The purchase is listed on charge card payments that exceed £500 by Government agencies. The ICO could ask for “reimbursement” from whoever is found responsible if it violates policy on spending. A spokesperson for ICO said “This payment is currently subject to an internal investigation. We believe that the transaction has been made contrary to ICO policies.”

The spokesperson went on to say “The ICO is committed to upholding high standards in all aspects of our financial management and controls. Should a contravention of our finance policies be confirmed, we will take appropriate action, including ensuring the payment is reimbursed.”

Data campaigners condemned the purchase but agreed the ICO were right to bring it to public attention. Campaigner John Slater said I don’t know what’s worse: the fact that someone who had access to the credit card did this, or that they thought it was OK”.

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