COVID vaccination certificate is possible to allow international travel

Ministers are discussing plans with Governments and the aviation industry to allow international travel.

COVID vaccination certificate is possible to allow international travel: The plans would mean travellers could access other countries with a vaccine certificate. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps is in talks with the US, Singapore and UN’s ICAO aviation body. An international certification system would allow travel for those who have been vaccinated.

Shapps told the BBC Radio Four Today programme. “Just as we have the yellow fever card… I imagine that in the future there will be an international system where countries will want to know that you’ve been potentially vaccinated”. He did however say that these would not be for gaining entry to pubs and restaurants. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) said it was talking to the UK Government regarding a trial app. Which proves the person travelling has been vaccinated.

It said three airlines are currently trialing this. IATA’s director general Alexandre de Juniac said. “It is a key element to certify that things have been done according to certain requirements everywhere”. He said he hoped it would be deployed by the end of March. Etihad, Emirate and Singapore airlines are the three currently trialing the app. Details of two ventures developing ways for Britons to confirm they have had vaccines were shared with a leading newspaper on Monday.

Logifect has developed a phone app which allows people to show they are vaccinated. It will be launched next month. IProov and Mvine, working together in a joint drive, are developing a digital “certificate”. That would allow people to prove their immunity when asked.

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