WHO says it ‘can’t rule anything out’ including Chinese lab leak in Wuhan

A WORLD Health Organisation chief has refused to rule out claims Covid escaped from a Wuhan lab – as officials visit the Chinese city to trace the origins of the virus.

Dr David Nabarro, a special envoy for the WHO’s Covid response, admitted: “all options are on the table” as part of the probe.

He told Sophy Ridge on Sky that Chinese authorities are giving “exemplary cooperation” with the investigation.

However, he refused to rule out any theories about how the deadly bug broke out and began to spread.

The expert said: “All the sites that WHO people wanted to visit are being visited.

There is an openness for all kinds of communication to take place.

“But it’s early days, this is detective work.

“We’re anticipating this will take quite a lot longer.”

Asked about rumours the virus leaked from the secretive Wuhan Institute of Virology, he said: “The thing about theories is you have to have them as a way to set up the reason why things might be occurring in a particular way.

I can’t rule anything out.

“I know the team on the spot, as well as those they’re talking to in China, they’re not ruling anything out either.

“All options are on the table and everything will be looked at.”

China has long denied that the virus may have escaped from its highest security lab.

But top MPs have demanded that China comes clean – after US officials said the “most credible” origin of coronavirus is a lab leak.

Senior Tories Tom Tugendhat and Tobias Ellwood have called on the Government to probe allegations made by Donald Trump’s security advisor Matthew Pottinger.

The US are claimed to have a whistleblower former scientist from the Wuhan Institute who is working with their intelligence services.

Questions have loomed over the Institute since the start of the pandemic, and scientists there have repeatedly denied any allegations of a leak.

The lab was being used to create hybrid coronaviruses for research purposes and was also studying viruses in bats.

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