Posties lives at risk as Royal Mail issue "fancy dress" PPE masks

The Royal Mail stand accused of putting workers lives at risk. After issuing “fancy dress” face masks.

Posties lives at risk as Royal Mail issue “fancy dress” PPE masks: The masks, which are knitted cotton, have the words “Royal Mail Group” stitched on them. The Chinese company that make the masks, Dongguan City Dan Dan Garments, insert a label inside them saying. “fashion, dress up and party”.

A Royal Mail worker alerted Labour Councillor Sharon Taylor, who represents Malvern Link in Worcestershire, to the problem. When Taylor questioned the Royal Mail they said the labels are. “a matter of interpretation”. She said “I was horrified to discover that our local posties were last week given protective face masks that were made in China. And only designed for ‘fancy dress’.

They even had the audacity to put the Royal Mail name on the front.

This is an insult by management to front line postal workers putting their lives at risk.

Later, they came back to us and said they are okay. As far as I was concerned to actually have that written on them is very questionable. If they think they are okay and said it is just a matter of interpretation of what was actually written on them. When I first saw them I thought that is pretty horrific they are front line workers.

I don’t want to incriminate anybody I just want to make sure that people on the front line are safe. They are battling this disease hard enough and people have to carry on without this concern. It would almost be better to have no masks at all than masks that are inadequate. As it gives people a false sense of security if they do not have adequate face coverings.” The Royal Mail have a statement on their website which reads “Royal Mail’s number one priority is keeping our people and our customers safe.

We have already committed around £40 million on buying equipment such as hand sanitiser, disposable gloves and other protective measures. We are doing everything we can to protect our people and customers while remaining open for business and offering delivery services throughout the UK.

Royal Mail have taken a number of measures and provided preventative guidance to our colleagues. This includes promoting regular handwashing with soap and water, provision of hand sanitiser, disposable gloves and face coverings – available to those who require them.”

Additionally, the company said that the masks do comply with regulations. A spokesman said. “The health and safety of our people is our number one priority. The reusable face coverings we have issued comply with relevant safety regulations.

Also, Royal Mail underwent a rigorous selection process to pinpoint the most suitable reusable face coverings for our people. Samples from each supplier were thoroughly assessed against relevant product safety requirements related to the use of face coverings in the workplace during the coronavirus pandemic. The selected re-usable face coverings passed a number of tests to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness. Colleagues can also choose to wear a disposable face covering, and these are available on request.”  Global247News Twitter

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