Simon Pegg banned from driving for six months

After being repeatedly caught for speeding Simon Pegg has been banned from driving for six months.

Simon Pegg banned from driving for six months: Pegg was banned on Wednesday after saying his continual speeding is causing his wife “strain”. He was caught doing 63mph in a 40mph. The capture was his fourth offense in three years. Pegg, 50, admitted to the speeding charge at Wimbledon Magistrates Court. He was handed four points on his license which, when added to the nine already there, meant an automatic ban.

Although he did not actually appear in court his lawyer, Richard Saynor, said he admitted “full responsibility”. Mr Saynor said “He specifically instructed me that he does not want to use up the court’s time arguing there are exceptional circumstances he should not be disqualified. He accepts the court will make a driving ban and it is something he accepts head-on.”

The court was told that the ban would cause “difficulties” for Pegg they would not be “exceptional”. Pegg, from Hatfield, Herts, was fined £660 after admitting the offense which took place on the A41 Hendon Way last January. Mr Saynor went on to say You will see in his letter to the court the charity works he undertakes and the impact a disqualification will have on others, particularly the strain it will have on his wife and the increased responsibilities she will have as well as running a household.”

Deborah Drakesmith, the magistrate, told Mr Saynor “I am sure you will give him the disqualification warning as to how serious it is to drive while disqualified.”  Global247News Twitter

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