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A BRIT faces up to two years in jail in Dubai for sending a “F*** You!” message to her flatmate.

The 31-year-old’s WhatsApp jibe in October came in a row over who used the dining table in lockdown.

But the female Ukrainian housemate secretly lodged a complaint with police, claiming she was offended.

The ex-pat human resources manager was barred from leaving the strict Muslim emirate when she tried to fly to the UK on Saturday.

She now faces jail or a hefty fine as the flatmate refuses to withdraw the complaint.

The Brit has no cash and nowhere to live while on bail awaiting trial. The woman, in Dubai since 2018, had sent her belongings home in advance and planned to join her partner and family to start a new job.

The woman who has asked not to be named said: “I can’t believe what my flatmate has done — she has been so spiteful.

“I pleaded with her to withdraw the complaint but she said, ‘This is a criminal case’.

“I’ve never been in trouble. I’m shocked I’ve been criminalised for a private exchange.”

She is staying with a pal, her court date may be months off and her visa is up in eight days.

he woman added: “I’ve begged police for help but they just don’t understand.”

Her case has been taken up by campaign group Detained in Dubai.  Global247News Twitter

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