Duchess of Sussex's claims over birth certificate denied by Buckingham Palace

The Duchess of Sussex has claimed her son’s birth certificate was altered to follow Royal protocol.

Duchess of Sussex’s claims over birth certificate denied by Buckingham Palace: Buckingham Palace has stepped in to say the use of her word ‘dictated’ was ‘unfortunate’. A source from the Palace has said that no such thing occurred. And maybe it was all ‘lost in translation’ by her US based staff. The source did however say that the statement from the Duchess ‘posed more questions than it answered’ and issued concern over how her team handled the situation.

It came to light on Sunday that her birth names, Rachel Meghan, had been removed from the birth certificate. Instead of reading “Rachel Meghan Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex” it is now alleged to read “Her Royal Highness Duchess of Sussex”. The alteration apparently occurred 19 days after the birth of Archie was registered on 17th May 2019.

Also, the Duke’s name was changed to add the word “Prince”, which had firstly been omitted. Talking about the reasoning behind the changes the Duchess said that Palace officials had forced the changes on them. She also attacked the tabloid press “and their carnival of so-called experts”. A spokesman for the Duchess said “The change of name on public documents in 2019 was dictated by the Palace, as confirmed by documents from senior Palace officials.

This was not requested by Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, nor by the Duke of Sussex.” The change is said to have been made to bring the certificate in line with other documents, such as her passport, which was changed after her marriage. In contrast, Diana, Princess of Wales, simply gave her name as “Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales” on Prince William’s birth certificate.

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