Family of black man shot dead by Irish police call for unity

The family of a black man shot dead by Irish police have called for peace and unity.

Family of black man shot dead by Irish police call for unity: However they told Sky News they don’t believe race was the main factor for the shooting. The also claim to be the victims of racial abuse. Which Irish police are now investigating. George Nkencho, 27, is believed to the the first black man to be shot dead by Irish police. He was killed at his home in Clonee, west Dublin, on 30th December 2020. Which started two weeks of angry protests.

His sister Gloria said a lack of training, not race, was the main factor. She said. “I think the main issue here is the training that the Gardai should’ve received in dealing with this type of situation. There’s not enough training and not enough resources given to Gardai to deal with the vulnerable people of society. So I think that’s what should be looked at at the moment.”

His family said Mr Nkencho suffered from mental health issues. He had attacked an employee at his local Spar shop on the day of his death and carried a knife. Police were called and followed him home at a distance.

He repeatedly refused to drop the knife when asked. He was confronted by armed police at his home. Who used Tasers and pepper spray in a bid to calm him.

He was, however, unable to be restrained. His post mortem showed that he received six bullet wounds. His family were in the hallway just feet away at the time. Ms Nkencho said “It was really hard to be there, to see our brother in such a state. We were scared for him. We were just so worried and when we heard the shots we were scared for our safety as well within the house, me and my siblings.

Just standing here seeing our brother like that, it’s not even something I can put into words it was so traumatic.” Although many protested for two weeks after the shooting Ms Nkencho said the shooting has to do with class, the class of people in society – where they’re from, where they live. All of those can play a factor, but the main issue here is to look at what training is given to Gardai to deal with the vulnerable people of society.”

Police refused to comment as the incident is under investigation. Ms Nkencho finished off by saying “There is a section of people that are maybe trying to use this as a time to divide us as a society, as Irish people. I think we should remember that a life has been lost and this is a time for us to come together and not be divided.” The Nkencho family have appealed for unity among Dublin’s different communities.  Global247News Twitter

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