Cardiff City's generous purchase bid involved life long fan but pulled due to 'Flippancy' by Chairman

Cardiff City’s ‘generous purchase bid’ involved a life long overseas fan

The Chairman of Cardiff City Football Club, Mehmet Dalman recently announced in a private meeting with a small ‘select’ group of fans and chosen media members that the club had received two bids to purchase the club from current owner Vincent Tan.

According to the Chairman, one was a ‘generous offer’ whilst the other not so.

Global247news though can confirm that the ‘generous offer’ involved a life long fan of the club who lives overseas in the main.

Although whilst initial talks started well, we can reveal that talks fell apart after what our source states as the Club Chairman became ‘flippant’ over the dealings – despite after request of proof of funds of 50 million GBP being shown.

The flippancy by Dalman as not to come to the table with an exact asking price forced the party to cease negotiations and the party is now looking at another football club for purchase.

The source revealed that despite showing immediate funds of 50 million GBP, Dalman showed great flippancy in negotiations and wouldn’t come to the table with a price required, he said:

“Cardiff City Chairman Dalman, was very flippant from the start, quite rightly he asked for proof of funds before starting any discussions, an initial 50 million was demonstrated to him at the outset that was available and after that, he became very flippant to nailing down a price to get the deal done, so the interested party, including Cardiff City fans, simply walked away feeling they were being messed about.

“Without the Cardiff fans, they have gone on to look at other options of a club purchase elsewhere and have entered their bid price”

The source further added ” It felt like he personally didn’t want to let go, the potential purchasers would have formed their own board of directors and not needed the current Chairman, I guess when you are earning 800k a year, you don’t want to lose the ‘paycheck’ from your investment portfolio”

It’s well known in financial football circles that the Welsh club is currently losing circa 4 million pounds per month, with the Club possibly running out of cash by the end of April, whilst Billionaire owner Vincent Tan is not prepared to invest further especially as his own businesses, away from football are affected greatly by the global pandemic.

With 3 court cases circulating, all with a large potential of being lost in the courts, Sala, Michael Issac and finally Sam Hamman, which could be more than 40 million pounds – the group felt an initial showing of 50 million and nailing down an agreed price would have assisted purchase of the club – especially with the club reported to be ‘out of cash’ by April, but it was not to be.

Meanwhile, a close aide to former club owner Sam Hammam, told today: Sam’s never given up getting his club back, he smells the blood and is sitting in the wings, he has the pressure on in the courts and I wouldn’t be surprised  if he’s working with Issac, they are both scorned men, people forget Hammam is a very rich man, he’s even richer now than he was previously, all his companies are trading at exceptionally high levels across the world, personally his family I feel will get back one day what they feel they deserve”  Global247News Twitter

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