Two men publicly flogged in Indonesia for being gay

Two men in the Aceh province of Indonesia have been caned 77 times each in public.

Two men publicly flogged in Indonesia for being gay: The incident came about after vigilante neighbours reported them to Islamic religious police for having sex. The neighbours had burst into their flat last November. And alleged they were having sex. It is the third occasion people have been punished for being gay since homosexuality was outlawed in 2015 under Shariah law.

The two young men, aged 27 and 29, were publicly whipped on Thursday. Dozens of onlookers were watching five enforcers wearing long robes use a rattan stick on the men. It is reported the men winced while being punished. With the mother of one man fainting at the scene. Last month a Shariah court sentenced the men to 80 lashes each. However, they received 77 as they had previously spent time in prison.

Human Rights Watch said Thursday’s whipping was seen as “torture under international law”. Saying it was a part of a “longstanding pattern of targeted abuse by Acehnese authorities” against LBGT people. It added that. “The abuse also is part of a five-year anti-LGBT campaign. Driven by many of Indonesia’s national and local leaders with harmful rhetoric and repeated failure to punish abusers.

The Indonesian government has made commitments in principle to protect LGBT people. But it seems President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo’s slogan of “unity in diversity” does not genuinely extend to protecting everyone. Including the two men mercilessly flogged today.” A spokesperson for the Foreign Office said “The UK opposes all forms of discrimination and is committed to protecting the rights and freedoms of LGBT people around the world.

We urge Indonesia to ensure that national and local laws are non-discriminatory and celebrate the diversity and tolerance of its people.”  Global247News Twitter

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