Man jailed after his Porsche hit 133mph in 50mph zone during police chase

A father of 11 has been jailed after a police chase saw him hit speeds of 133mph.

Man jailed after his Porsche hit 133mph in 50mph zone during police chase: Nathan Gardner had been on a night out and refused to give a breath test when finally caught. He had been spotted swerving in his Porsche by police in Littlehampton, West Sussex. Then started a 25 minute chase which involved high speeds and jumping red traffic lights. Police used a “stinger” to puncture the car tyres but Gardner carried on relentless, driving on the wheel rim.

He only slowed down when he saw a pedestrian crossing the road. His wife, Mandy Gardner, took her own life last April which means he is the sole carer for his 11 children. Hove Crown Court heard that Mr Gardner had been out on the night in question as he had a break from the children. He was also still suffering from the grief of losing his wife the court also heard. Although his defence team asked for him not to be jailed as he looks after his children, the judge sentenced him to 10 months in prison.

Gardner, from Worthing, West Sussex, admitted dangerous driving, failing to stop for the police and failing to provide a specimen of breath for analysis at Brighton Magistrates Court in November. At the hearing on Tuesday Mr Gardner said he panciked when he saw the blue lights. Prosecutor Sophie Evans said he pulled out of a petrol station in the early hours of 23rd August last year. She said, when he was arrested, he refused to take a drink or drug test Defending him, Greg Johnson asked for a suspended sentence as his client “regretted” his actions.

He added that the reason Gardner wouldn’t take a breath test was he was angry as police had injured him upon his arrest. The court heard Gardner has 15 previous convictions for 35 offenses, including careless driving, failing to provide a breath test and driving while banned.

The judge said “You were perfectly entitled to have a night to socialise, your caring responsibilities do not preclude you from having a life of your own. But what you did defies belief.

After driving out of the garage you decided to embark on the most appalling piece of driving. It is impossible to understand why someone could do what you did. The only conclusion is that you had a fear of being stopped because you had been drinking. The manner you then tried to evade the police was stupidity compounded with stupidity. Your panic manifested itself as a massive, unnecessary risk to everyone who had been in the area. It is a mercy that nobody was hurt and no damage was caused.”  Global247News Twitter

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