A HORRIFIED mum found HUNDREDS of spiders crawling on the walls

A HORRIFIED mum found HUNDREDS of spiders crawling on the walls of her daughter’s bedroom.

The woman, named as Claudia, filmed the cluster of baby arachnids at her home in Sydney yesterday.

She believes the spiders were huntsmans – a large, yet non-venomous creature.

Claudia told nine.com.au: “There were some spiders on the window, and I pulled some curtains back.”

When she pulled the first curtain back she found up to 60 spiders.

However, her daughter then told her to check the other side where an even larger cluster had formed.

Claudia, a make-up artist from Germany, revealed she did not attempt to kill the army of creepy crawlies.

She said: “We just left them there because they are baby huntsman, I actually like huntsman, so I was like, I’m not going to do anything.

“They’re just going to walk away… let nature be.”

Her daughter reluctantly slept in the room but chose to switch to opposite ends of her bed – so that her head was not directly under the spiders.

And when the family opened the window to allow the creatures to leave, a gust of wind blew them back inside.

The kindhearted mum and her daughter then collected the spiders in glasses.

Claudia revealed that the beasts have since left the room

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