Engelbert Humperdinck reaches out for prayers after positive COVID test

World famous singer Engelbert Humperdinck has asked fans to pray for him after testing positive for COVID-19.

Engelbert Humperdinck reaches out for prayers after positive COVID test: He posted a message on Twitter to say that “after almost a year of caution the virus had found it’s way into his home”. The 84-year-old English singer put up a series of posts asking fans for love and support, especially to his wife Patricia who has Alzheimer’s disease.

He wrote “Dear Friends, After nearly a year of an abundance of caution and care, Covid has caught up with us and found a way into our home. Now we must not let a positive result bring a negative mindset but I must say I could use your help in this department. We are asking for prayers, good energy, love and support to be sent our way.” Humperdinck, who lives in the US, went on to say “Every night we do prayers at 8pm for my wife. Now, I have to FaceTime from my room.

Last night my daughter flew in with cases of photographs to reflect upon and keep us strong through our recovery.

Our son Scott was on FaceTime prayers, our son Jason is in a separate room. But on the 8pm call to God, and our son Brad, who is always here and checking up, is on call with supplies… ready, willing and able to do anything.

My biggest ‘ask’ is for my darling wife, Patricia (Popea). She has been through so much and does whatever it takes. She is an unbelievable woman of strength. Please also keep our wonderful caregivers in your prayers. Thank you, Engelbert.” The singer was born in India to a British Army officer, however they moved to Leicester when he was a child.

He married wife Patricia in 1964 and the couple have four children together. His best known hits are “Release Me” and “This Moment In Time”.

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