DVLA worker in Swansea dies after COVID outbreak and 535 infections

A DVLA worker has died after an outbreak of Covid-19 at the Swansea centre.

There were 11 cases of the virus at the DVLA offices between the start of the initial lockdown in March and September. Since then there have been a massive 535 cases.
Staff, there have complained of hot-desking, which they felt was putting colleagues at risk, not enough cleaning or hand gel and wipes, and too many people in the building unnecessarily.
A worker in the DVLA centre today told Global247news how bad it was working there, he said:
“535 cases and one death says it all, conditions have been awful, but we are scared to protest too much as we can’t afford to lose our jobs with the pandemic the way it is.
“People have said, just get up and walk out citing the conditions, but it’s not as easy as that – we love our jobs, we just need better conditions”

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