"The Earth Quake Lady" says Spain's Heading For The Big One

Spain’s heading for the ‘big one’ as earthquakes strike Spain’s Andalucia says expert

Known as the ‘Earth Quake Lady’ in LA, the earthquake expert feels Spain is heading for a ‘big one’ as two earthquakes rocked the European country last night.

Earthquakes are common in Spain, although never of great magnitude but two quakes measuring 4.4 rattled Spain with other twenty aftershocks also felt miles away from the epicenter in Granada.

Although, the quakes are the talk of the globe right now and one expert feels Spain is heading for a ‘big one’ shortly.

“It’s going to happen within the next five years I predict – we have seen this from the evidence here in the US – when you get to quakes and shakes of 4.4 you just know it’s coming.

“We have studied earthquakes for years and data clearly shows when a country hits a pinnacle on the scale, the big one is on its way, prevention measures need to be taken now and not ignored,” said the ‘Earth Quake Lady’

Charged with improving the nation’s response to a natural disaster in the US,  her specialty, increasingly, is another complex natural phenomenon: denial, that dangerous unwillingness to acknowledge the inevitable. What good is scientific knowledge, in other words, if people don’t respond to it?

You might have caught her on TV trying to help people understand earthquake risks after the Eastern Seaboard felt the 5.8 quakes epicentre in Virginia or after Tohoku, Japan, kept rocking and rolling after the 9.0 quake there last March.

“She has the bearing of your terrific next-door neighbor who takes superb care of her window boxes. And yet she is as learned as anyone in the field,” says “NBC Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams, who has interviewed her numerous times on television.

Now she feels Spain is on the danger list after last night events.

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