Accountant who stole £100000 from nurseries and blew it on Bitcoin faces jail

An accountant who blew £100,000 of stolen money from two nurseries on Bitcoin faces jail.

Accountant who stole £100000 from nurseries and blew it on Bitcoin faces jail: She also spent a large amount of the money on home improvements. Jane Myhill, 55, siphoned a total of £102,000 from Worcester and Madresfield Early Years Centres. At Worcester Magistrates’ Court last week she admitted the thefts between January 2015 and October 2019.

Shafquat Reaz, prosecuting, said “A sum of over £100,000 has been stolen from the company accounts. On the facts this is an abuse of trust over a long period.” Myhill, from Cromer, Norfolk, now faces a jail term when sentenced later this month at Worcester Crown Court.

Alice Bennett MBE, who ran the nurseries and was a friend of Myhill’s for 20 years, said she would never forgive her.

She was battling breast cancer at the time of the thefts and said “I feel utterly, utterly betrayed because I was a good employer to her for over 20 years. I looked after her. At the particular time of these thefts I was struggling for my life against breast cancer. Just when I needed her the most, when I trusted her, she took advantage the situation horrifically. In my hour of need, when I needed her the most, she betrayed me big time.”

Myhill’s theft was uncovered after she did not pay a sum of money into the bank after it arrived at the Worcester office. Last Thursday, magistrates were told by Myhill’s barrister that she intends to pay the money back. Sean Logan, defending, said “This is a case where she fully intends to repay the sum of money. A full report would be helpful due to certain strains that my client has been under in terms of her mental health.” Myhill has been granted bail until her hearing on the 19th February.  Global247News Twitter

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