23 month toddler Johnathan Huff dies after swallowing TV remote battery

Toddler dies after swallowing TV remote battery

Johnathan Huff, 23 months, was initially suspected to have had a viral infection.

But after two trips to the doc, he vomited vast amounts of blood and fell unconscious at home.

Dad AJ, 34, performed CPR as mum Jackie, 35, gave him the kiss of life but he died in hospital.

A button battery from a key finder remote was later found in his intestines.

His devastated parents believe he swallowed it on December 16 and it spent four days burning through his organs.

Jackie, of Greensboro, North Carolina, said: “Putting duct tape over the back of the remote could have stopped this.”

“Duct tape is hard for adults to get off, a two-year-old is not going to be able to open it.

“I can’t bring back Johnathan, but if there is anything I can do to make more parents search through their homes, then that’s something.”


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