McDonald's customer calls police after being too late for breakfast

A McDonald’s customer has called police after missing her drive-thru breakfast at a West Sussex branch of the burger chain.

McDonald’s customer calls police after being too late for breakfast: The woman had been in a queue at the drive-thru section of the East Grinstead branch according to an officer from Sussex police. She reached the order window after 11am to be told they were no longer serving breakfasts at which point she called the police. She told them she had been treated “unfairly”. The incident, which happened Thursday, was spoken about by Mid Sussex neighbourhood policing inspector Darren Taylor on Twitter with him saying.

“A call @11.30 this morning from an angry lady who stated due to the queue at the McDonald’s drive-thru in EG. By the time she got to the window the breakfast service had stopped and she couldn’t order a breakfast. The lady was given words of advice about ringing the police.”

A spokesperson for Sussex police said the lady had been informed it was “not a police matter”. Under the new restrictions McDonald’s is allowed to open for takeaways with their normal menu times. The spokesperson said “The upset driver contacted police – although thankfully not using 999 – soon after 11am Thursday morning. She had being queuing up at the East Grinstead McDonald’s drive thru but because she had to queue, by the time she got to the ordering window it had gone past 11am and they had stopped serving the McDonalds breakfast and refused to serve her a breakfast.
This of course upset her and she wanted us to speak to McDonald’s about the situation as she felt it was unfair. We informed her this was an incident which she should take up with McDonald’s, it was not a police matter and that we would not be investigating her complaint. On behalf of all emergency services, we always encourage people to contact us, whether on 101, 999, online or at our police stations, for advice and assistance on issues that we can help with.
In the case of the police than includes crime, accidents, missing or vulnerable people or other emergencies. But please do not burden any of our services with trivial issues such as fast food service.”  Global247News Twitter

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