Lockdown curfew protesters clash with police in Amsterdam

Water cannons have been deployed by police. To break up hundreds of lockdown protesters in Amsterdam.

Lockdown curfew protesters clash with police in Amsterdam: The large groups were ‘up in arms’ about new curfew rules that are in place to stem the spread of COVID. Rioting youths also set fire to a COVID testing facility in the small fishing town of Urk police reported. The outlawed anti-lockdown demonstration took place yesterday in Amsterdam’s Museum Square. Officials at the scene said they were not social distancing or wearing protective face masks.

Footage shows a water cannon spraying a large group against a wall of the museum. In Eindhoven, 80 miles from Amsterdam, police also used a water cannon and tear gas to stop demonstrators. Which included some supporters of the anti-immigrant group Pegida. Although there were no reported injuries, at least 30 people were arrested. With police asking people to stay away from the centre of the city. The Netherlands have seen a strict lockdown since mid-December. Which isn’t due to end until at least the 8th February.

Video has been released of the youths setting the testing facility alight in Urk. 50 miles north east of Amsterdam, on Saturday night. All that was left of the building was a burnt-out shell. Police and local authorities released a statement on Sunday night. Expressing outrage at the protesters, saying. “they were throwing fireworks and stones to destroying police cars and with the torching of the test location”.

This is not only unacceptable, but also a slap in the face. Especially for the local health authority staff who do all they can at the test centre to help people from Urk.” They maintained the strict curfew would be continuing.

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