Braemar Allan has been kidnapped!

Residents of Braemar are appealing for the safe return of their road safety officer.

Braemar Allan has been kidnapped!: “Allan” the mannequin has been stationed at his post on the A93 in Aberdeenshire for two months. He is there to remind drivers to slow down to 30mph as they enter the village. He was last spotted at 1.30pm on Saturday but has now disappeared. Geva Blackett, Councillor for Aboyne, Upper Deeside and Donside has posted on Facebook saying “Allan took great pride in his role of reminding people driving into Braemar from Glenshee on the A93 that they were in a 30mph speed limit.

Children, elderly folk and red squirrels are all at risk if people forget. Now he has gone – and not of his own volition. Someone has taken him!! Have you seen Allan? Whoever kidnapped him, please give him back – he was last seen at 1.30 this afternoon (Saturday) and is a gentle soul, never offends anyone and well liked here in Braemar.”

Allan was given the job after Ms Blackett approached local police for a cardboard cutout policeman to be placed warning drivers of their speed but none were available. No word has been given for a temporary replacement for Allan until he returns from his unplanned absence.  Global247News Twitter

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