New Cardiff Manager Mick McCarthy Little Trick Revealed

Mick McCarthy the new Cardiff City Managers little trick revealed as he takes on his new role

Mick McCarthy who was appointed Cardiff City Manager this week after the sacking of the lacklustre flop Neil Harris is a sharp operator when it comes to the ‘patter’ which may have landed him the job.

McCarthy who hasn’t really hasn’t savoured success in the last 12 years takes the reigns of the Welsh Club for a 6 month period after landing the roll last week, and fans of the Welsh club should expect some good slick Irish blarney whatever the results.

Fans had already got fed up of Neil Harris ‘sales pitches’ after defeats but they can expect plenty more as McCarthy takes the reigns, although the Bluebirds fans will be hoping it’s after wins.

Former players who have worked with McCarthy this morning revealed how ‘sharp’ McCarthy can be when it comes to talking, revealing his ‘little secret’ when it comes to talking to club directors as well as players, especially when he wants to sign them.

An ex-player who achieved great success under the Irishman at Wolves told Global247news this morning: ” Mick is as slick as they come and can talk the hind of a horse let alone an ass off a donkey!

” His team talks can go on forever but it was his little trick that always worked the best – what Mick would always do when entering Chairmen, Directors and players names in his phone, was to in brackets have their wives names, his phone would ring and the first words on the conversation you would see Mick look at the phone to check the wife’s name and say ‘ Hows Susan?’

“We used to fall around laughing as he always pulled it off, often hold sweepstakes in the changing room on the next name” he laughed.

” I bet he still does it now, he will be gathering City players wives names for fun!

“I think though he will do a good job there steadying the ship on a tight budget, he won’t pull up trees but was probably the right man whilst Cardiff find a long term fix but one thing for sure he will keep the fans tongue-tied for 6 months at least” he laughed.


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