Gibraltar is suffering from food shortages due to Brexit

Residents living on the rock of Gibraltar are suffering food shortages due to Brexit due to when deliveries do finally turn up, produce is rotten.

To make matters worst residents can’t cross over to Spain for supplies due to the Covid pandemic.

One resident sent Global247news a message highlighting the current plight as those on the rock struggle to get supplies.

With supplies taking weeks to get across fro the UK the situation doesn’t appear that it will improve quickly.

Issues at border controls continue since Brexit with only today advisors to businesses are being told to set up companies in Holland if they wish to continue supplying into Europe – due to VAT confusions that the British government had not considered through the Brexit process.

Meanwhile away from the politics, Simon Underwood living in Ocean Village said: ” I want is some decent food, a great joint of beef would be lovely, but you just can’t get it at the present time, I am getting a bit fed up of fish”  Global247News Twitter

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