Spain's Minister Of Tourism totally DENIES Spain won't be ready for Summer Hols

Spain’s Minister Of Tourism DENIES Spain won’t be ready for Summer as story cited as FAKE NEWS

Spain has denied a claim it could shut to holidaymakers this summer as a minister revealed it wanted to welcome the first tourists in the spring. 

Spain wants to ‘reactivate tourism’ as soon as possible, said the tourism minister, despite uncredible reports suggesting Spain might not open to holidaymakers until September.

Reyes Maroto, minister of industry, trade, and tourism told the credible Daily  Telegraph vaccinations to mean other countries’ populations could soon travel safely.

The Minister said: ‘Our priority in 2021 is to reactivate tourism and resume safe mobility on a global scale as soon as possible.

‘We hope that at the end of spring and especially during the summer, international travel will resume and travelers will choose Spain as their destination.

It was thought Spain could be closed to international travel until September, after Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said only ‘mass vaccinations will open the way to normality’, adding that vaccination was only likely to be completed at the end of the summer, although a free advertising local newspaper in Spain The Euro Weekly News published an article indicating strongly that ‘ Tourists wouldn’t be welcome’ to Spain until after the Summer.

The article from the free advertising newspaper who published it on their website and then gloated that they were a trusted news organization was picked up by many of the UK’s national media who spread the word throughout the UK.

The news caused fear and panic to both those holidaymakers who had booked Spanish holidays but even more important to the thousands of British ex-pats who operate businesses in Spain and are heavily dependent on tourism.

If Spain was to be closed for the full Spring & Summer seasons, it would have meant the majority of businesses going out of business for good.

Although thankfully now the Spanish Minister of Tourism has rectified the position declaring Spain wishes to be open for both Spring and Summer trading.

A relieved trader in Spain, on the Costa del Sol, Harris Maguire told Global247news of his relief after he heard the full facts, he said: ” It came as a great relief to hear the Minister for Spain rectify the situation and facts – I thought it strange at the time, first I thought it was ‘fake news’ as it came from a free advertising paper but when I saw it then repeated I thought ‘there may be something to this’ – although I just couldn’t see Spain telling the world it was closed for Summer, it would be as bad as Gerald Ratner when he said he ‘sold crap’

“I’m so relieved that the Official Spanish Tourism Minister has set the record straight – so once again it was just ‘fake news’ ”

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