Funeral planners get £10000 fines after 150 people attend

A funeral attended by nearly 150 mourners has seen the two directors receive £10,000 fines each.

Funeral planners get £10000 fines after 150 people attend: One man was fined on Friday by Bedfordshire Police. The funeral, took place on Thursday in Arlesey, near Stevenage. It breached current regulations which only allow 30 mourners. The director of the funeral, a 41-year-old man from Mansfield, also received the fine. “For not managing this event correctly or advising their clients of the rules”.

Leading Bedfordshire Police’s response to coronavirus, Chief Superintendent John Murphy said he was “disappointed” that the funeral went ahead. He said that officers had spoken to the family beforehand in a bid to sort the problem out. He went on to say “We understand the past 10 months have been extremely difficult for everyone. And that people need to mourn the loss of their loved ones with dignity and respect. However, public health remains our number one priority.”

“The NHS is under significant pressure and coronavirus infection rates remain extremely high. During these unprecedented times, people have had to make huge sacrifices. And an event of this size shows a lack of respect for those who have been unable to attend the funerals of loved ones or say goodbye in a way that they would have wished to.”

Although he said that fines were a last resort action for the police he also said. ” they will take firm action against those who brazenly decide to go against the guidelines outlined by the government. And put a large number of people at risk”  Global247News Twitter

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