Beauty spot damaged by trainee gravediggers who accidentally dig in wrong place

A young boy has been electrocuted to death after sitting on faulty garden lights.

Boy electrocuted to death by faulty pub lights: A court heard that the boy had been on a pub outing with his family when the incident happened. An electrician is apparently to blame for installing the lights wrongly in the pub garden. Jurors heard that Harvey Tyrell, 7-years-old, had been playing when he sat on a wall and a garden light. Electrician Colin Naylor, 73, and the owners brother-in-law, has been blamed by prosecutors.

He denies manslaughter by gross negligence and not adhering to the Health and Safety at Work Act. Duncan Penny QC, prosecuting, told Snaresbrook Crown Court “In essence, when young Harvey both touched one of the garden lights by sitting on it and took hold of some nearby metal railings it seems clear that electricity then flowed through his body, causing fatal damage.

He collapsed to the ground in front of another boy with whom he was playing. These events were watched by a number of adults in the area who immediately went to assist him.” Harvey was offered crisps by his friend but did not respond. He fell off the wall and was rushed to hospital at that point. He passed away later that evening.

The court heard another customer touched the light to investigate and also received an electric shock.

Penny said the lights were “seriously defective” adding that water was allowed to get inside the lights that had not been installed properly. The court was told the pub had serious electrical problems. Owner David Bearman had previously pleaded guilty to Harvey’s manslaughter.

Staff at the pub said lights would often trip and fuse boxes appeared to be overloaded, while one appliance was plugged into a melted extension cord, Penny said. Jurors also heard that the electrician said one distribution board made him “raise his eyebrows”. He added that his installation was “first class” and any idea of water penetrating the lights was “complete b***ocks.” The trial is ongoing.  Global247News Twitter

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