Race to save COVID19 vaccines from rising flood waters in North Wales

As a result of Storm Christoph emergency services battled through the night to save thousands of COVID vaccines from floodwater.

Race to save COVID19 vaccines from rising flood waters in North Wales: The rising water, which surrounded a secret plant in Wrexham, North Wales, were putting the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccines at high risk. Wrexham Coucil leader Mark Pritchard said that the operation had been “a success”. He said “We’ve had the issues on Wrexham industrial estate.

The Oxford vaccine is manufactured there and we had to work with a company logistically with their storage facility, that was under a possibility of flooding. So we worked through the night with that and that was a success. This could have had an impact not just in Wrexham, Wales, but across the whole country with the vaccination supplies.”

When questioned on what steps were being taken to protect the supplies Pritchard said “They were under pressure and had serious concerns that their warehouse logistically could be flooded and they asked for our support…We worked through the night with them, we put resources in there, pumps… and we’ve worked through the morning and been successful.”

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