Footage shows men using dogs and rods to flush out fox

So that it can be used illegally in a hunt, two men have been caught on camera trying to flush out a fox.

Footage shows men using dogs and rods to flush out fox: The two men used dogs and drainage rods to force the fox above ground. Chasing wild animals using dogs was outlawed in 2005. The video footage, obtained by hunt saboteurs, shows the men trying to “bolt” the fox so that hounds could chase it. The film lasts several minutes and shows them putting terriers down the hole.

When this failed they can be seen using rods to force out the fox. At an online meeting last year a senior huntsman said “A lot of people would say that if you’re going trail-hunting, why do you need terrier men following you around? Yes, it is totally legal for them to be out doing everything if they follow the correct exemptions, but it does flag up a bit of a marker to everyone: you know, why, as trail-hunting, do you need them there?”

He described them as their “soft underbelly”. The Hunt Saboteurs Association said the new footage obtained in December shows a hunt official inspecting the site. The men covered the escape route with nets then use dogs and rods to get the fox out. They can be heard explaining that hounds cannot get underground to chase the fox above ground. A spokesperson from the Hunt Saboteurs Association said “This footage shows how integral terrier men are to fox hunting and despite their attempts to appear lawful, hunts simply cannot stop themselves from acting illegally in their pursuit of killing wildlife.

This behaviour is shocking, not only in their treatment of the terriers, but in their flagrant obsession with chasing wild animals.  Global247News Twitter

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