British expats moaning they can't 'get a bit of sausage' in Spain since Brexit

Supermarkets that sell British products on Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca have reported problems with deliveries of fresh stock since 1 January.

Stricter border controls causing long delays, and a confusing set of rules mean many goods are not getting here on time.

It is has been reported that many hauliers are waiting until March until they are sure the journey to Europe is as unhindered as possible.

The Food Co. and Overseas Supermercados, who supply Tesco and Iceland products on the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca, apologized to customers via their Facebook pages about the lack of fresh products. Meat, some dairy products, and fruit and veg are especially in short supply, with some stores almost completely out of stock of these items.

Both companies posted that they had “been working around the clock over the last few months to prepare for post-Brexit life”.

The Facebook statement to British ex-pats by one of the companies Food Co, reads:

The Food Co. has been working around the clock over the last few months to prepare for post-Brexit life, this has come with its own set of challenges, many of which were only disclosed in the days leading up to January 1st (agreeing on a deal on the 24th December has not helped!).
While we did send additional stock leading up to Brexit you may find some of your favorite products going low or becoming unavailable short term.
We have 15 trucks at various ports in France and Spain waiting to clear through customs, however, there are currently long delays. Once they’re cleared stores will be full again within 48 hours.
Short life chilled (anything with less than 10 days life) will be unavailable at the moment until we are confident we can get trucks straight-through port without delay. Hopefully, this will be fixed within days.
In terms of our fresh fruit and vegetable offering, this will be fixed within a matter of days, we will be sourcing all our fruit and vegetables locally going forward which will come with the same quality if not better!
We hope this answers any concerns you may currently have but believe us we are working 24/7 to bring the best of the UK brands back to you!!
If you have any questions, please private message us through Facebook.
Please keep an eye on social media for updates.
We thank you for your understanding in these mad times!!!

“It’s the British sausages I’m missing – I love my bit of sausage,”  said Nicky Burness one disgruntled ‘sausage lover’ from the Costa del Sol.

Although through the many winges from the Expats there doesn’t seem to be much sympathy for them amongst others who question why they move to Spain to eat ‘British’

“This isn’t little England, it’s Spain so stop bloody moaning and get down a Spanish supermarket, if they want to live in Sun and live a British way of life, they should bugger off to Gib” says Rosie Campbell.

Rosie who has lived in Spain for 30 years after marrying a Spaniard told Global247news “So many are whinging it’s getting right on my ‘you know whats’, if you live in Rome you do as the Romans do, not act as holidaymaking grottles – I’m glad Britain left the EU now people need who live here need to start living as the Spanish do and not blighting the area with their ignorance” she stormed.  Global247News Twitter

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