Americans who left for Spain's Costa Blanca because of Donald Trump Rejoice Today

Americans now living in Spain on the Costa Blanca are rejoicing today as Donald Trump leaves the White House

It’s a big day on Spain’s Costa Blanca for hundreds of Americans who departed the US for the sunny climes of Spain fed up with Donald Trump.

Whilst restrictions are in place on Spain’s Costa Blanca due to the Coronavirus pandemic – American’s are not going to allow that to get in the way of a celebration.

American ex-pats now in Spain are planning an online celebration as what they call ‘ the worst ever President departure’ takes place around 3 pm Spanish time.

A group of ex-pats from the US who all say they left in the last four years because of Trump run their own Facebook groups and today the drinks will flow as they organize a ‘zoom event’ to celebrate the departure of Trump.

Bob Schwartz who now lives in Spain’s Murcia after departing LA told Global247news of today’s plans:

“Man we are going to party and get so piddled online together – it’s a great day for the good old USA – we have organized an online party and will drink and wave our flags as Biden arrives at the White House.

“America can now restore some pride again after that bafoon has destroyed our credibility across the globe, for the last 4 years since moving here all I’ve been asked ‘what do you feel about Trump?’ – my reply has always been ‘ he’s a goddamn cretin’.

The majority of us in our groups moved here to get away from his racist ways and deplorable actions, hopefully, he’s going to be thrown in jail shortly and we can party again” he said.

Mike Brozanki who now resides in Benidorm, a former Indy Car head engineer for Newman Haas race team said: “This is going to be bigger than winning the Indy 500 – it’s a great day for America – we are going to party man, it’s just a shame we have the restrictions here, but they are understandable considering the conditions right now, but where there’s a will there’s a way buddy!”

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