A serial flouter of COVID regulations has to be rescued from the Garth mountain

A serial flouter of the Welsh government’s lockdown regulations had to be rescued from the famous Garth mountain in Wales yesterday.

Mr Simmons from Cardiff, who constantly defies all the lockdown regulations in Wales, yesterday descended up the iconic Garth mountain, made famous by Hugh Grants epic film “I went up the hill and came down a mountain”

Although Simmons went up the mountain and got lost as he continues to flout lockdown regulations.

The serial flouter from Rhiwbina in Cardiff has been seen in many locations defying the current laws flying his drone ranging from Penarth pier all the way to the Brecon Beacons – whilst posting his footage to his social media channels.

Not only does he post the footage of his daily excursions to areas miles away from his home, but he also demonstrates his stance against COVID lockdown regulations, flouting the ‘exercise’ period to the maximum.

Although yesterday he came unstuck, not with the South Wales Police but by the afternoon weather up the Garth.

Serial flouter has to be rescued from the Garth mountain
Garth Mountain As Flouter Comes Unstuck

As Simmons reached to the top, the Welsh mist came quickly down on the flouter, and he lost his bearings totally as the visibility became non-existent.

As he turned to his mobile to use google maps, the battery was low, so he was forced to make an emergency call for a rescue.

Wellman, Andrew Parcells was one to receive a call who went to the rescue from his Taffs well abode, he told Global247news:

“I got a call from Simmons, who sounded close to tears, I know him from Wales away trips with the football, he was clearly distressed, I had no option really to go and try to rescue the clown.

Although it turned out I didn’t have to go up the Garth, as I was riding up Mountain Road I could see him being led down by an elderly dog walker to safety, I don’t think she was very impressed with Simmons who was rambling and quite delirious, the poor old girl must have been 75 at least, whilst Simmons was in a right two and eight” he said.

Andrew added: ” He was droning on something about his car, but he seemed to have hypothermia and wasn’t making much sense as he shook, it was then we understood he couldn’t remember where he left his car, so we had to organize yet another search!

Lost Car

“I was tamping by this stage, I called some pals in Pentyrch and they came to assist, it took 2 hours to find.

” I certainly didn’t see the funny side, he should not be out up mountains and he has already been reprimanded by the Police for flouting, clearly he hasn’t listened to the police advice, so when I eventually got home, I reported him to the law.

“It’s not right that law-abiding citizens like myself behave and stay indoors and we have the likes of him traveling all over Wales”

He finished ” We haven’t spoken since so I’m not sure if the law collared him – but they should do!”







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