Social Distancing Falls Apart In Spain's Tenerife As Snow Falls Causing Stampede

Spain’s Tenerife social distancing falls apart as snow lands on top of Mount Tiede

Locals in Spain’s Tenerife thew social distancing out of the window today as heavy snow landed on the top of the volcano.

Whilst the Spanish holiday island is desolate of tourism and having just been lowered to level 3 Covid safety measures, a snowfall has seen regulations broken as hundreds of cars descended onto the narrow roads leading to the top.

The reduction of levels doesn’t officially start until tomorrow, but that did not deter the thousands of travelers determined to witness the snow.

Although many islanders have not been pleased with today’s public actions.

Tim Dowd said:

“We were just told, “good job” we can relax the rules starting tomorrow but don’t do anything stupid… what happens? –
the public go stupid”

Tim Catton, who has lived on the island for 12 years told Global247news of the scenes.

“It’s madness, this can’t be blamed on tourists either, there’s hardly any on the island at the moment, tomorrow we drop levels and already we have people behaving like this, it’s incredible.

” The police tried to control the situation but were outnumbered as hundreds of cars charged up the top, it’s just plain stupidness, this island is desperate to return to normality and this is how the locals behave, we are shooting ourselves in the foot, behavior as such will only see us back in full lockdown again” he finished.

Yesterday, the situation was exactly the same according to locals and one told of how the roads were so blocked, emergency services had to use a helicopter a 19-year-old girl who fell unwell at the top.

“The roads were so blocked yesterday, the emergency services had to send a chopper up to rescue a 19-year-old, sadly this is Spanish people who don’t seem to take much notice of the Covid regulations around here – they just don’t seem to believe that there is a virus in these parts,” she said.  Global247News Twitter

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