Police seize car after three friends speed to get takeaway

Police said that they have seized a car that was caught speeding at 90mph on the M62 after three friends were found to be breaking coronavirus regulations to get a takeaway.

Police seize car after three friends speed to get takeaway: When questioned the occupants of the car told police that they were driving from Manchester to West Yorkshire to get a takeaway and were breaking the national speed limit even though there was snow on the ground and conditions were dangerous. However police discovered that the VW Golf’s tax was out-of-date so they decided to seize it.

The driver of the vehicle also got a speeding ticket. Added to this the three friends were all found to be from different households so were issued with fines. West Yorkshire Police Roads Policing Unit took to their Twitter account and said “M62:Followed at over 90mph despite the weather. 3 occupants, from 3 different households in GMP on their way to get a take away. 3 Covid fines issued, one speeding ticket issued and as the car hadn’t been taxed since September last year, it was seized. #WelcometoWestYorkshire.”

In a separate incident on Thursday, West Yorkshire Police were called to Hyde Park in Leeds where an estimated 200 people were taking part in a massive snowball fight. Photographer Liam Ford captured the hijinks on video and told Yahoo News UK that “Within a large park you do expect to see some people there, but not a mass group of people having a snowball fight. It’s obviously breaking the rules with such a large quantity in a small area. “With the current restrictions it’s a bit of an abuse of freedom, given the current climate.” West Yorkshire Police issued a statement saying “We are aware of this matter. All persons dispersed

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