Net closing in on Spain's Costa Blanca on Benidorm SCAMMER Joe Campbell

The net is closing in on a scammer currently operating in Spain’s Benidorm

Scammer, Joe Campbell, from Scotland moved his scams to Spain after his scams caught up with him.

Although he found he thought, Spain’s Costa Blanca to scam thousands of people out of thousands of pounds by re-launching himself online across Spain.

Scammer in action

Using social media platforms, he told businesses that he could grow their businesses by at least 30% with a scam known as “Easy Way To Pay” amongst other scams.

According to Campbell, he could offer finance to business owners customers with no deposit and nothing to pay for 30 days, whilst in return claimed his clients would get paid the full 100% balance within 4 days.

Scammer in Spain

All the business had to do was become a client – for a fee of course, between 3 -5k for a ‘gold package’.

Unfortunately for those who signed up and paid, they received nothing, whilst investigations have revealed that Campbell has no authority to deal in the finance world or it appears has no lenders.

The net though is now closing on the scammer, as one victim wasn’t prepared to forget about losing thousands of pounds.

A businessman who was caught out by the scammer set up a Facebook Page called “Easy Way To Pay Scam” which appears to have forced Campbell offline, as this week he closed all his social media accounts.

The page states:

Thanks to all followers and people who have shared this page. 
I would like to make it clear as to why this page has been set up, Easy Way to Pay was created by Joe Campbell.  Owner of the infamous Evolution Marketing and very well known in Glasgow for committing fraud hence why he fled to Spain a few years ago.
The Easy Way to Pay business was set up to help new start businesses offer finance to their customers to assist in the growth of one’s business.
Joe would recruit “sales managers” to present the product to businesses who fitted the Bill, generally, new starts as it is very difficult to get a consumer finance provider in place if your business is less than 2 years old or your turnover is less than £500k.
To use Easy Way to Pay you would have to buy in to use the service, 3 levels, bronze, silver, or gold.  If you go for the gold options you would have access to subprime finance providers for your business.  The buy-in cost of this would be circa £5k.
What you soon realize is that once a customer application is sent across you don’t hear anything for weeks and that’s when the excuses start.
I have had to sack my team
We are on a Spanish fiesta
The list goes on.
This page has been created to warn business owners NOT to engage with Easy Way to Pay or Joe Campbell.
Once he has your hard-earned money he will spend it or alternatively pay people back once the heat is on!
Thank you for following and please share to help us spread the word about this parasite!
Our mission is to bring this clown down and use various tactics required to close him and his businesses down!
Team Easy Way to Scam!”
Net closing in on Spain's Costa Blanca on Benidorm SCAMMER Joe Campbell

Although whilst the team of ‘Easy Way to Scam’ appear to have driven the serial scammer underground, close sources of the Campbell as we, Global247news, tried to track him down, claim he may well be heading to the Costa del Sol to reinvent himself and pull the same tricks of the trade.

The source said: ” That group on Facebook have run him out of town – they called him out spreading the word, but he’s a serial scammer and the word is he’s heading further south to the Costa del Sol, he rakes in thousands before being sussed out.

He has no fear of who he scams, he can’t help himself, he’s wanted all over Scotland and now the Costa Blanca – everyone in the Costa del Sol needs to be warned” he said.  Global247News Twitter

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