Spain's gamble on the Costa del Sol that could kill the vital summer season

Spain’s Costa del Sol is seeing the government ‘gambling’ the vital summer season as Health Minister refuses ‘home confinement lockdown’

It’s not just the temperature heating up on Spain’s Costa del Sol, tempers are rising too as government ministers can’t agree on the way forward – a decision that according to British ex-pat business owners ‘Could kill the vital summer season’.

Andalucian president Moreno wants the power from the government to be able to allow ‘home confinement’ lockdown regulations but the Spanish government’s health minister is in disagreement.

He officially responded to several communities requesting that changes be made to the national decree of the state of alarm to include home confinement, by insisting that this measure is absolutely not on the cards.“We are not contemplating at this time any home confinement,” said the Health Minister for Spain.

Spain’s Health Minister

“We are going to break this third wave with other instruments. We beat the second wave without it, and we will do it again.”

Although many business owners on the Costa del Sol feel this is a bad move as the political ‘game of chess’ continues.

“This could kill the vital summer season – which in turn will kill off the Costa del Sol financially for many years to come,” said property landlord, hotelier, and investor, Michael Issac based in Marbella.

“If this region doesn’t get a decent summer season in 2021 – it will become a ‘shanty town’ – businesses are hanging on by a thread, those that have survived, it’s probably going to be the most important season in the hospitality industry ever on the Costa del Sol”

“Nobody, of course, wants to be locked up in their homes, I understand that but it’s so vital for this Summer that every precaution is taken and if that’s what’s needed – so be it.

If I’m going to be cynical, I would say that Spain can’t afford a ‘full lockdown’ again – by keeping the current regulations they don’t have to pay out to the thousands of businesses here, whilst reducing their trading hours under regulations.

“At the same time, businesses can’t afford to keep trading like this, I have in my property portfolio 136 closed bars already in Spain, if they had been forced to close and supported by the government during the closure, they would still be in business.

“They are gambling the vital summer season for thousands upon thousands of people and I believe the Health Minister is taking a huge gamble simply because they can’t afford to pay out to closed businesses” he finished.

It’s not just on the Costa del Sol though that people share the opinion, Mick Duke, originally from Weston Super Mare and who has been living in Murcia, operating a popular fish restaurant feels the same, he told Global247news this morning:

“Some poor decisions, in my opinion, are being made, but I guess it is coming down to finance rather than common sense, everything should be closed down until March at least to save tourism in Spain and the economy in general, closed businesses should be supported by the government until it’s totally safe if they don’t protect businesses now it could be financial suicide.

“People think it’s just about bars and restaurants, it’s not – it affects the full ‘food chain’ of business, effecting endless businesses, suppliers, wholesalers, the list is endless.

“I dread to think of what could happen across the coasts of Spain if they ‘mess up’ the summer period by making the wrong calls – it could be financial armageddon” he warned.

Statistics show, 2020 was the worst summer season in Spain for many years after the tourist regions lost billions of pounds and it appears the governing authorities will continue to play Russian roulette with thousands of people’s lively hoods.




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