Teenager jumps barrier and runs from court while being jailed for 180mph bike chase

A teenager fled from court whilst being in the middle of being jailed for his dangerous riding during a police chase that saw him reach speeds of 180mph on his powerful motorcycle.

Teenager jumps barrier and runs from court while being jailed for 180mph bike chase: As he put motorists and pedestrians at huge risk Marian Dragoi rode on the wrong side of the road doing 70mph in a 20mph zone before heading onto the M1 motorway. The police pursuit, which included a helicopter, lasted for 30 minutes before he was caught. He admitted later to dangerous driving.

On Wednesday at Wood Green Crown Court in London 19-year-old Dragoi was sentenced to 46 weeks in prison but, during sentencing, he leapt over a barrier and ran for the door while Judge Andrew Holmes was reading his remarks. He was quickly pursued by security as he bolted down four flights of stairs from the courtroom however he was apprehended by police officers in the hallway of the court building and police will now be dealing with the matter.

Sergeant Tony McGovern, from the Met Police, said regarding the chase which happened on the 20th May “At one point of the pursuit, Dragoi went straight through every single red light he was confronted with, rode on the wrong side of the road in his attempts to get away and even mounted pavements. Throughout the pursuit, he continued to ride in a dangerous manner, and he only had the NPAS helicopter tracking him – without any police vehicles on the ground anywhere near him.

He failed to stop for police and continued to put his own life and the lives of other road users, as well as innocent pedestrians, into serious danger.” Dragoi was arrested before before he could refuel his bike, and he later pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, failing to stop for police, driving a motor vehicle without a license, and driving without any insurance

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