Neil McEvoy, Wales’s most controversial member of Welsh Parliament has been left with ‘mud on his face’ after a nuclear scientist pulls him apart over his ‘Giegerbay’ campaign.

McEvoy, who goes on many crusades regarding Welsh issues, has been campaigning about mud being dumped into the Welsh side of the English channel, although the campaign came unstuck last night as a nuclear scientist with over 30 years’ experience run him ragged with information, leaving the AM clinging to the ropes like a punch drunk boxer.

McEvoy posted to his social media channels, what he called a huge update announcement:

“Huge update on EDF’s plans to dump mud outside Cardiff that they dredged from outside a nuclear reactor in Somerset, without it being fully tested.
They have now also made an application to dump the mud on the English side of the channel. Remember, we were told that Wales was the only place it could be dumped! It’s now clear that wasn’t true.
This is only a partial victory, we want to keep this mud as far away from Wales as possible and I’ll be contacting organizations in England to see what I can do to help.
But as a Member of the Welsh Parliament, stopping this mud from being dumped in our country is serious progress.”
Although his excitement was shortlived when someone calling themselves as ‘ Nukes Thomas’ came forward and asked :
“So where should the mud go? The safest place for it all is in the mud in the estuary. Samples tested have been so low it’s considered background.
You are talking as if this plutonium has been leaking into the estuary in massive amounts.
That is not true there could be traces of it and that is all. And those traces are so low it’s considered background and either way in that mud it is safe.
You are worrying about nothing but I ain’t gonna blame anyone for being worried as if you don’t know the physics behind this then you will be concerned -But please be sure it is safe.”
The Welsh parliament member, failing clearly to notice the gentleman in question was called ‘Nukes’ fired back with a question he was probably regretting posting when he received his reply, McEvoy asked,
“Steven Nukes Thomas, one of the most eminent scientists in the UK on weapon-grade plutonium says it’s dangerous. What are your qualifications?”
And then came the knockout reply:
“over 30 years of Nuclear power worker.
Was fully qualified Level 5 health physics monitor.
Taking samples before and during the discharge of effluent to the estuary.
Production Technician inc fuelling and defulling the reactors.
Working in the cooling ponds and preparing the fuel to be processed to go to Sellafield for re-processing.
Loading the fuel flasks of spent fuel elements and monitoring flask from site to send off-site.
Apart from that Neil not much.
What are your qualifications on the said subject?
Remember a so-called scientist called Busby and who spread the theory of meningitis clusters around power stations and he was discredited for being a fruit loop so please forgive me about your weapons-grade scientist.”
Thomas then went into full details of the complete safety of the mud and how the latest campaign was totally fruitless before telling the parliament member to check his facts before making such wild scaremongering statements, even offering him contacts within the nuclear power industry.
Whilst watchers viewed as the AM was floored by a knockout blow – the parliament member has yet to be heard of since.
One watcher told Global247news: ” I bet he regrets asking that question, he made himself look very silly (again) – I can’t believe before he asked it, he didn’t check the guy’s profile, there again it does appear he hasn’t done much investigation work into the matter at all, he’s just scaremongering trying to obtain public votes,”
It was a complete ‘fallout’ for the Welsh Assembly member who has so far avoided reply or comment since on the subject.  Global247News Twitter

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