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Home Secretary Priti Patel has again got the basic rules for coronavirus wrong for the second time in three days, saying on Thursday that members of the public can only exercise alone which is incorrect.

Home Secretary gets COVID advice wrong for the second time: The actual rule states that people can exercise with one other person who is not in their household. Speaking on ITV’s This Morning on Thursday she said “The clarity is exercising on your own and not socialising,” adding “The point to make about any exercise – yes, it should be local, people exercise differently. But exercise on your own and don’t use it for a social meeting.” An official spokesman for the Prime Minister responded later on that day that the Government’s advice on exercise had been ‘clear’, saying “We’ve been clear that if people exercise they can do so with one other person from another household but we’re asking them to socially distance while they’re doing that.”

During a press conference on Tuesday from Downing Street Patel mistakenly said that “outdoor recreation” was allowed, however the rules actually say “You cannot leave home for recreational or leisure purposes (such as for a picnic or a social meeting).” The Home Office was forced to clarify her point later on saying that she was using the word “recreation” as meaning exercise. Nick Thomas-Symonds, shadow home secretary for the opposition, took to Twitter on Thursday to say “The home secretary really needs to get a grip and be on top of the brief.

How on earth are police supposed to enforce these rules effectively when the home secretary gets them wrong?”. The spokesman for the PM also suggested that more restrictions were under consideration, although there were “early signs of progress” meaning that these may not be put into force  Global247News Twitter

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