Refugee SLAMS living in Hull saying its as bad as Iraq

A refugee who fled the war in the Middle East claims “life in Hull is the same as in Iraq” due to her ‘squalid’ living conditions.

Wheelchair user Intesar Hassan, 55, and her four children fled the war in both Iraq and Syria before being moved to Hull by the United Nations in 2012.

But since arriving in the city, the mum claims she is now bed-bound after enduring painful health troubles and squalor in the home she rarely leaves.

“All of our relatives were killed in the Iraq War,” said Intesar from her bed.

“So we moved to Syria where we were provided with food and shelter from the United Nations.

“After war broke out, we were brought to Hull as we were under the threat of being killed. We had to escape for our lives.”

But rather than tranquillity in east Yorkshire, Intesar says her life in Hull is in fact “hell”.

“When I think about Iraq and Hull, they are the same to me,” she said. “When I came here my health conditions worsened and are getting worse day by day in this house.

“I cannot walk, talk, or eat due to the conditions I am living in. All night long I worry about the house.

“I open the window at night because I can’t breathe from the damp inside the house. This situation is reminding me and re-traumatizing me from past experiences.”

The family says they were placed into the privately-rented home in west Hull by the Refugee Council on their arrival in the city eight years ago.

Intesar said: “I told them that the house is freezing but they didn’t do anything.

“We have no heating and no maintenance work has been done on the house in the past eight years.

“I fell down the stairs in the house which led to me needing to have my gall bladder operated on.

“I have letters from Castle Hill Hospital, GPs and occupational therapists which recommends I am placed into a new house suitable for disabled people, but I have waited on Hull City Council’s housing list since the day I arrived in Hull.”

Intesar’s landlord said that the house was “immaculate” upon the family’s arrival and the tenants have denied access to maintenance workers.

Meanwhile, sources close to the family, say the family is requesting being sent to Spain where refugees are offered better conditions.  Global247News Twitter

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