Johnson warned 'lift lockdown soon or face leadership challenge'

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has confirmed that the COVID vaccinations will soon be administered 24 hours a day in a bid to get everyone covered.

Prime Minister confirms vaccines will be given ’24/7 and as soon as we can’: He told MP’s during Prime Minister’s Questions that “We’ll be going to 24/7 as soon as we can.” However, just two days ago an official spokesman for the PM said “there’s not a clamor for appointments late into the evening or early in the morning.”

Johnson said that Health Secretary Matt Hancock will be setting out details of the plan but did not mention when the 24 hour-a-day vaccinations would start. The Government is planning on vaccinating 14 million of the most vulnerable members of the public by mid-February. The Prime Minister said “At the moment the limit is on supply of vaccines. We have a huge network – 233 hospitals, 1,000 GP surgeries, 200 pharmacies and 50 mass vaccination centres – and they are going exceptionally fast.”

Leader of the opposition, Sir Keir Starmer, said that he welcomed the decision and urged the Government to ‘get on with it.’

Starmer added “The sooner we have 24/7 vaccine centres, the better for our NHS and the better for our economy.” The latest government data shows 2,431,648 people had received their first dose as of Monday, with 412,167 having had their second.

The spokesman for the Prime Minister said on Monday, regarding round-the-clock vaccinations, that “We’ll do this if it’s needed, absolutely we will do whatever it takes to get this vaccine rolled out as fast as possible. The thing is that if both the person doing the vaccination and the person being vaccinated would both prefer for that to happen in the middle of the day, rather than the middle of the night, then that’s probably when we should do it.” He added “Our attitude on the vaccine rollout is whatever it takes to do this as fast and safely possible  Global247News Twitter

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