Group of skiers stopped from boarding Eurostar train in London

A group of friends who were trying to travel to Switzerland for a ski holiday were yesterday stopped by French border police from boarding the train.

Group of skiers stopped from boarding Eurostar train in London: The incident, which took place at St. Pancras station in London, occured as the police said that the group were in breach of current coronavirus regulations. They had at least one large bag of sports equipment with them said Justin, a train manager at the station, who did not want to give his surname. He wrote on his Twitter account, under the name “Jason on Eurostar”, that a ski holiday “does not count as essential travel” and that there are “very limited reasons for travel to France”.

He went on to say “I really fancy a trip with my family to eat chips in Brussels but there’s a global pandemic on right now. If we all do our bit and are patient for this final push, then hopefully we can get back to doing all of those things we love.” France will only allow certain groups of people to enter the country from the UK including people delivering goods, transport workers and those who normally reside in France  Global247News Twitter

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