British expats in Spain flying home for a 'jab and go' causes uproar

British ex-pats living in Spain are flying back to the UK in the hope of getting a quicker vaccination

Outrage has erupted at many vaccination centers across the UK as ex-pats who are residing in Spain have been flying back in an attempt to get a quicker vaccination against the Coronavirus.

Although it’s not just limited to Spain, Brits living in Portugal are doing so too though in lesser numbers.

Despite flight bans, legal British residents in Spain, who hold a green residency card are still allowed to fly into the UK and back to Spain.

The loophole appears to be in the fact, the ‘jab and go’ fliers, have two home addresses, one in the UK and one in Spain, whilst being registered still with UK GP surgeries.

Britain, which appears to be rolling out the vaccination program quicker than the Spanish, is sending notifications unknowingly to certain age groups and regarded vulnerable to people who are actually residing in Spain and other European countries.

Now the loophole has come to light and Mark Griffiths from Pontypridd told Global247news how when he was called for his vaccination – he was in line with 2 couples from Murcia.

” You could tell they were not living here straight away, the bronzed tan gave that away instantly, I asked them jokingly, ‘you got a holiday with all this going on?’ – it was then that they said they lived in Murcia but had addresses in Hawthorn and Treforrest.

” They were totally open about it, relatives collect their post and they simply passed the message to Spain – they said how flights were so cheap at the moment they could fly back and forth for £25, they said that it was well worth it and that they feared in Spain they wouldn’t get a jab for months” he claimed.

Griffiths went onto complain: “I don’t think it’s correct at all – you shouldn’t be able to fly back and just get a jab, they should wait their turn in Spain”

Unsure if this was an isolated case, Global247news asked its reporter in Spain to investigate further.

On Spain’s Costa del Sol, he set out making his inquiries and was shocked to find out how common it was.

“Quite a few are doing it” he claimed, in some of the bars I went they have nicknamed it ‘jab and go’ after the recent Ryanair advertisement.

One ex-pat who didn’t wish to be named told him ” Why not? – if they offer it why shouldn’t we go and get them – it would be daft not to go and get an early vaccination if its offered, we are British after all!”

Whilst another claimed ” If we wait for it in Spain, we will be behind the Spanish in the line, so it makes perfect sense to go home and get the jab, I don’t feel guilty at all, I retired here after paying into the British system for years – it was offered and I took it and am now waiting for notification of my second dose due”

At the time of press, Global247news has contacted the UK Ministery For Health to clarify the situation.






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