More BLM protests expected in Cardiff today as demonstrators flout lockdown travel regulations

Cardiff is expected to see more protests today as momentum gathers amongst BLM campaigners

Cardiff police are expecting more protests today at their Cardiff Bay headquarters as BLM campaigners are expected to arrive in the city whilst breaking ‘lockdown rules’.

Smoke bombs were thrown at the police at Cardiff Bay Police Station yesterday as hundreds protested over the death of 24-year-old MohamudMohammed Hassan over claims South Wales Police used excessive force.
Mohamud Mohammed Hassan was arrested at his Cardiff home on Friday on suspicion of breach of the peace but released without charge on Saturday morning.
The 24-year-old died on Saturday night and his family said he claimed he was assaulted in custody.
South Wales Police stated it had found no evidence of excessive force or misconduct but has referred itself to the police watchdog.
Meanwhile, BLM campaigners have used the death to fight their cause and head to the Welsh capital – against lockdown regulations.
As social media presence spread regarding yesterday’s incidents that started in the City centre before heading to Cardiff Bay – so did the planning of action amongst BLM campaigners, with hundreds vowing to travel to Cardiff, from as far as Scotland.
Although police are concerned about a ‘riot situation’ as anti-BLM campaigners are also organizing a trip to counteract as they feel the BLM organization is operated by Marxists with a political agenda.
“This has nothing to do with the lad dying – it’s BLM simply once again battling the establishment and imposing their agenda on everyone, we too will head to Cardiff and confront this Marxist campaign,” a staunch campaigner said.
“We have totally had enough of the bias and will do something about it as the police don’t seem to be able to, once again” he continued.
Another campaigner, one of the leaders of ‘Voice Of Wales’, Dan Morgan said:
“I hope SWP turn out as they did at the Liberty Stadium. They made it like a maximum-security prison to protect it against 10 protestors in favor of BLM.
“Now BLM UK has reared its ugly face in Cardiff after a man died after being released from police custody. These same police who were defending them will now have to police them. Let’s see how SWP feel after tomorrow.”
Morgan was referring to how the South Wales Police reacted at Swansea City’s football ground to just 10 anti-BLM protestors compared to the scenes yesterday when the police just stood in line as smoke bombs were launched at them.
The BLM campaigns are starting to crumble across the UK – football fans and organizations have started to get the ‘taking of the knee’ and ‘black power’ hand fist removed from football matches with success, clubs have listened as well as players.
Although it is felt this hasn’t gone down well and the BLM activists require a new ‘bandwagon’ to jump on.
“What better than a black lad claiming he was beaten up in the cells by police – despite no evidence,” said vocal anti-BLM campaigner, Freddie Simmons:
“It gives then an excuse to go again as their campaign is seriously crumbling and being exposed as run by Marxist organizations” he claims.
Police intelligence has reacted to the claims of potential demonstrations and violence and extra policing will be on duty today around the Cardiff City area.  Global247News Twitter

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