First woman executed on death row in almost 70 years

Lisa Montgomery, who was convicted of killing an expectant mother and cutting her baby from the womb has been put to death in the US.

First woman executed on death row in almost 70 years:  Montgomery was pronounced dead at 1.31am this morning (Wednesday) after her lawyers had submitted a plea for clemency to Donald Trump. She became the 11th inmate to be put to death at the Terre Haute federal prison since July when Trump, a supporter of capital punishment, resumed the executions after a 17 year gap.

Montgomery’s lawyer, Kelly Henry, said in a statement “The craven blood lust of a failed administration was on full display tonight. Everyone who participated in the execution of Lisa Montgomery should feel shame. The government stopped at nothing in its zeal to kill this damaged and delusional woman” Henry said. “Lisa Montgomery’s execution was far from justice.”

Montgomery became the first of three inmates scheduled to die by lethal injection before Joe Biden takes over the Presidency, with him expected to stop federal executions  Global247News Twitter

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